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When analysing Bingo, the words genius, sharp minds or shrewd mental agility are perhaps not the first attributes one may think of. Paradoxically however, this may actually be the case. Research provided by Southampton University concludes that bingo actually facilitates in keeping the mind sharp, which is increasingly important as the mind ages. Their tests advocated that the sample of bingo players displayed increased accuracy, speed and an increased ability in absorbing information from the situational factors around them, compared to the sample that did not play bingo. There is growing evidence in support of the hypothesis that an increased participation in brain exercising activities, is exceptionally beneficial to the optimum mental functioning as we age.

Bingo can be first traced to Italy 1530, to a lottery game named "Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia", which is still being played to this day. However, it wasn't until 1929 that Bingo really hit the headlines and became an overnight craze in The Big Apple, New York City. Bingo as we know the game today can originally be credited to a Mr. Edwin Lowe. It is popular belief that Lowe witnessed a game of Beano being played at a Traveling Carnival in Atlanta, 1929, and became keen on the game when noticing how excited and ecstatic players were becoming. Lowe took the Beano idea with him to New York, where he introduced the Beano game to a small community of friends and locals. Again, excitement levels and love for the game were there for all to see, and Lowe started a business organising Bingo games in New York City with the help of Professor Carl Leffler of Colombia University. The game soon became a widespread hit and soared in popularity all across the America and across the world.

The name Bingo itself is believed to have been started from Lowes friend! By a quirk of fate, a winning player was so excited when winning at Beano, accidently shouted Bingo instead of Beano, and the name Bingo instantly stuck.

Bingo at mFortune isn't just any old Bingo! We love bingo and we hope you'll love us! Bingo is a universal game adored all around the world and enjoyed by many cultures. Long gone are the days where bingo is just played in a bingo hall and by elderly people. At mFortune, bingo players are all ages, cultures and personalities. We have the quiet ones, the mad ones, the crazy ones, the chatterboxes, the lucky ones, the cheeky ones, the funny ones and of course the odd moaner; we have them all at mFortune :)

Bingo is a simple concept when calculating the probability of winning. There are several theories that can be applied to bingo. Principally, there is simple probability theory. In its simplest form, this is simply a 1 in chance equally divided by the number of players. For example, should 10 players be playing, the probability of winning is 1 in 10. There are some exceptions to this nevertheless. Consider if there were 10 players, but each player brought a different amount of tickets, this would then skew the chances of each player, depending on how many bingo tickets they have. Similarities can be drawn here between bingo and a raffle; the more raffle tickets a person holds, the more chance that person will win.

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