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Online Bingo is finished! The Mobile Bingo craze is sweeping the nation! 7/10 new bingo players go Mobile!

There is one big secret online bingo halls don't tell you; mobile bingo is becoming an unstoppable craze that is sweeping the nation and the world- and it's not hard to see why! Gone are the days where players have to sit for hours on endstaring at their personal computer, refined to sitting in 1 room, lonely and isolated. Players are now flocking in their thousands to join the mobile bingo phenomenon to enjoy their favourite game anytime they like, anywhere they like, on any phone they like! It's no wonder 7/10 new players are going mobile!

Ultimate Convenience- Anytime, Anywhere, Any Phone

Mobile bingo is fast, easy and simple to play and is just so much fun! It's easy to see why bingo players love it! Imagine being able to sit back on your sofa in ultimate comfort, being able to login in under 20 seconds for that chance to get 1 line, a full house, or maybe even the jackpot- which are available in each and every room. With legendry chat rooms that are supported by 24/7 admin, this social networking element allows players to take advantage of the interaction and join the mobile bingo community. There are regular quizzes, random prizes, tournaments, competitions, banter and a guaranteed game full of laughs and giggles; players just love mobile bingo games more and more. Players need not worry about monitoring their numbers- there is an autodab which takes full control for you. Players also don't need to shout house, unless they want to of course. The computerised function allows the winning ticket to be identified and will be notified on screen. mFortunes bingo ball will do a private little dance, just so you can be sure you have the winning ticket- he has some click moves too- so keep an eye on him!

Online Bingo Decline- Mobile Bingo Increase

Online bingo is suffering and there are many reasons why. There are so many online bingo operators yet little offer anywhere near the gaming experience that mobile bingo can offer. Furthermore, some online bingo sites are guilty of just trying to constantly attract new players with little care of concern for existing players. mFortune mobile bingo is different- mFortune take a special pride in player satisfaction and strive to ensure all players have an experience to remember. If you join mFortune mobile bingo, you can be sure you'll be well looked after and don't just ask us- login on to www.facebook.com/mfortunemc and see real player comments for themselves.

Interesting Bingo Facts

There are over 6 million bingo players in the UK

  • The majority of bingo players used to be female, around 80%- but it's now only 65% / 35% female bias
  • It is rumoured the inventor of bingo, Carl Leffer, went insane shortly after producing thousands of bingo combinations for the first games of bingo.
  • Bingo is the only game the armed forces are allowed to play- Mobile bingo being the favourite.
  • In Germany, Bingo is played in schools for educational purposes to teach multiplication and maths
  • Mathematically there are 1,474,200 unique bingo card combinations
  • Astonishingly, the number of possible arrangements of numbers on a bingo card is; 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000
  • In USA state of North Carolina, it is actually illegal for a bingo game to last over 5 hours.
  • 96% of all bingo players have won at least once
  • It is believed there are over 5000 couples a year meet in bingo chat

Bingo Slang

  • 1 kellys eye – Ned Kelly. According to folklore, Australian gangster Ned Kelly only had one eye.
  • 2- One little duck- the number 2 looks like a duck
  • 7- One little crutch. The number 7's appearance is like a crutch.
  • 9 Doctor's orders: A pill known as Number 9 was a laxative used by army doctors in Britain.
  • 10 Downing street: The Prime Minister's address, 10 Downing Street.
  • 13 Bakers Dozen: Its modern folklore that a baker used to give 13 pieces of bread for an order of 12 so the extra piece could be tested before sold.
  • 17 Dancing queen: Abba song
  • 23 Lord's My Shepherd: Taken from Psalm 23.
  • 26 Half a crown: This is equivalent to 2'6d, or two and six.
  • 59 The Brighton Line: In London, the London-Brighton service is number 59.
  • 65 Old age pension: ‘Pension' age in the UK was at the age of 65 before amendment.
  • 76 Seven ‘n' six – was she worth it? This is referring to a price of the marriage licence, seven shillings and six pence. Was she worth the expense??
  • 80 Gandhi's breakfast: Ghandi famously declined food when on a peace protest. The 80 derives from 8 (ate in slang) and the 0 (he ate nothing).


Playing mobile bingo is easy, quick and loads of fun. Just buy your tickets (from 10p) and sit back and enjoy the fun. Try the free fun version first to have a look at our bingo game.


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